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Dissertation Writing Services

Dissertation writing is an art which is refined only through years of experience and thorough knowledge of several domains.
For seven years years, the project managers and writers have devoted their energy to build successful careers for students all over the globe.

Dissertation Format

From the dissertation writing think-tank of we are glad to share our successful experience
 Dissertation Topic:
Topic is the most crucial element and invaluable asset in making a dissertation. Therefore selecting the right topic is an essential decision.
Dissertation Topic consist of the following parameters:
   Domain of Research [Marketing, IB, Supply Chain etc]
   Geography of Research [UK, Europe, India, China etc]
   Sector / Industry / Company / Brand of your research.
Now these elements shall determine the exact direction of your research.
Questions to Ask yourself before selecting a topic
   Am I genuinely interested in the topic?
   Is the topic appropriate to my degree?
   Is the Primary Research feasible on the topic?
   Is the sufficient Secondary Data available on the topic?
   What shall be my proposed research / discovery?
   Can I write 15000 words + effective and quality content on the
   Am I adding any value to the subject of research?
   Will my module leader / Supervisor accept the topic?!!
A dedicated team of domain experts at projectsdeal can help you in choosing and selecting the best topic. 
 Dissertation Proposal:
Proposal is a blue print for the dissertation. The aim and objectives stated in it lays the foundation for the entire work.
Defining accurate Aims and Objectives is 50% of the Dissertation work!
Must haves in Dissertation Proposal:
   Background of Research
   Aims and Objectives
   Research Questions
   Review of Academic Papers
   Research Methodology
   Gantt Chart
About Dissertation Objectives:
Significance in this section is imperative. A good proposal rationale doesn’t give occasion to ideas, information or substances that have no relevance.

The proposal should convince the readers that the study is essential to be carried out and the project would achieve the required. Meanwhile the objectives should be attainable and relevant.

Remember this is where most of the candidates get stuck and hence is there to help them at this crucial stage.
About Dissertation Research Methodology
This section should enlist the methods/procedures that are to be used in the dissertation. Our writers make sure of certain points in which a student should be advised:
  The place from where data are to be gathered and the population.
  The size of sample population and method of sampling.
  Co-operation required prior to submission of proposal
  How the data will be interpreted once it is gathered.
  Not only this, the writers are well versed to explain the candidates how the method chosen justifies the present research.
Ask yourself this questions once the proposal is done?
  Is my idea genuine / exclusive?
  Is my Dissertation Proposal interesting?
  Is my Dissertation Proposal interesting?
  Have I declared achievable Aims and Objectives?
  Is sufficient Research material available on the objectives of research?
  If I give this to my mates will they be impressed with the content?
  Is the referencing properly done in Harvard Style?
  Have I included sufficient number of references?
  Is my Gantt chart defining clear deliverable and milestones
What our writers do at the initial stages:
  Brainstorming and Discussion with students about the topic approval,
     proposal outline and dissertation schema (Fig.)
 Notes and Explanation support to the students.
 The 5W and 1H approach and help.
 Discussion of concepts, trends, implications and issues.
 Understand your University format and expectations
We at have a dedicated team of experienced writers and a Proposal writing Team, specializing in research proposal.
Dissertation Abstract
This is the heart of the dissertation. A professional abstract contains the stated background in brief, objectives that are sought through the investigation with a stated clear purpose. Mainly it is a succinct intangible scaffold upon which the research is grounded. It also entails the research instrument and the deliberate process to be followed.
Dissertation Introduction:
A well-strewn introduction with proper selection of words is very important Students often get tempted to write it in the last half. But this should be the very first thing that is to be written in the research. This helps the students to focus what are the pertinent areas to be included in the research, the sought aims and objectives, the research rationale and significance and the research question.

If needed our writers may include a dissertation outline for the students, which make it easy for them to comprehend about the whole topic. A good introduction sets the tenor and course of the report. It informs the reader what the research is about.

In particular this is the section where the students often get jumbled and they grapple in darkness for the exact phrase or support.
Don’ts for Dissertation Introduction
   Unclear and non-realistic aims and objectives for the research.
   Not including the “Essential Key-Words” needed in the aims and objectives.
   To include too many aims and objectives.
   To mix and include irrelevant aims and objectives or repeat the aims and objectives.
The aims and objectives should be clear, concise, focused, realistic, attainable and few in number
Projectsdeal’s writers are well experienced to help the students in all such areas.
So what are you waiting for ?? Your dream paper is just a click away!
  Dissertation Literature Review:
This is the main foundation for an academic research. It is important for the students to properly build the references and ideate the same. Referencing is an important part and should be done according to the specifications. The structure is comprises of theories, hypothesis, and propositions that follow a general to specific approach. It should be remembered that literature review is not something, which includes the background and principles.

It is mainly built of the previous research work done by the scholars and identifying the gaps in the work which can be covered by the research work. References can be from academic journals, monographs, blogs, and annual reports and should reassure the readers that the investigator is fully aware of the themes, subtitles and topic of research. The information pursued in this section is then used to decide the methodology, which suits the research.

Every section of the dissertation should bear a connection with the literature review part and the knowledge conferred by this section is used to construct questions for interviewing, survey analysis and research processes. A well-written summary at the end concludes with the main relevant sections.
TIP: There are several mistakes that students often make when writing their literature review. The literature review IS NOT a stand-alone piece of work having little to do with the rest of the dissertation.
Scoring was never easier and foolproof. Relax while we work for you.
Dissertation Methodology:
This is the section, which entails a list of research methods, approaches, designs, paradigms and techniques of research. Each and every method should be justified with reasons of their selection and suitability and also the main limitations posed by them.

This section should also enlist the method of data collection (Primary and Secondary Data Collection), the sample population and the sampling method. The reliability, validity and professional limitations are some of the major headlines, which should not be forgotten in this case.

Our eminent writers are well versed of the reliability and validity issue and guarantees for an authentic data support.
 Dissertation Analysis:
Analysis of the data is not an easy task, irrelevant of the source from which it is collected. Especially, the colletion of primary data depends on formation of survey questionnaires and interview questions. One should be well conversant about the theoretical background only after which relevant questionnaires can be formed.

Many agencies help students in writing dissertations but they commit a severe mistake of not forming proper survey questionnaires or analysis questions. This is particularly taken care of, at Each and every questionnaire formed is attached in the appendix section for proper evaluation and consideration.

With their genuine knowledge the writers help the students in constructing the well formulated, planned and schematic questionnaires that help in attaining the objectives of the dissertation. In this case the main features of support include:
Must Haves in Dissertation Analysis
   Constructive and Diligent Questionnaire Formation.
   Any kind of critical analytical technique likes SPSS techniques,
       SERVQUAL customer analysis, STATEMATIX analysis,
   Verbatim Quotations
   Statistical Representations and Percentage Calculation.
   Establishing relationships between variables.
   Well-formatted and captioned figures, charts, and tables
   Snowballing, Convenience and Judgmental Sampling.
   Pilot Test/Pre-test.
Dissertation Discussion:
This section presents analysis and discussions of the result, including implications, consequences and issues raised. It will also compare and contrast results with previous research findings, identified and discussed earlier in the Literature Review. If it is a project, it may also include recommendations, although these could go into a separate ‘Recommendations’ section if there are a significant number of the same  to be made.

Our writers provide fair and relevant recommendations which are valid for the topic and with this the students can be rest assured about the success of a dissertation. Not only this, students are also guided how to link the literature review points to the overall analysis which is very important.
Dissertation Conclusion and Recommendations:
In the end of the work, the initiation of a positive contribution to academic knowledge or organization is through a well-written conclusion. It reminds the reader of the objectives and how the objectives have been attained, the unique methodology followed and the important changes that have been surprising in the end. The limitations are once again reminded and it is most important to remember: “A piece of excerpt written well should be finished well”. The conclusion should give space to others to think and comprehend.

A well-written dissertation finds the gap of research, establishes the objectives, analyze the data well and present it in a lucid way. It also should evoke a sense of interest in the reader.
You know what 40% of your score comes from an effective conclusion and recommendation!
 Dissertation Cover Page: is again providing this service free for those students who want guidelines in preparing their dissertation cover page. A well-presented dissertation with clear and relevant images is always capable of fetching the laurel crown for the students!
Thumb Rule of words Distribution
Dissertation Writing is an art.
This piece of advice is priceless; we have experimented over 7 years before we have invented a success formula a guaranteed thumb rule for scoring.
Dissertation Chapter Name % of total number of words of complete Dissertation
Introduction 10%
Literature Review 40%
Research Methodology 20%
Research Analysis 20%
Conclusion & Recommendations 10%
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